Purpose ─ PEC/Premier Safety Management has provided this Instructor download area of our website for the exclusive use of its certified PEC Instructors throughout the world.  This area is where new releases and version updates to our training materials, policies, and procedures are published for our instructors to download. 

Instructions ─ Click on the appropriate menu item to the left to go to the desired training materials area.  A username and password is required to enter most of the pages in this special area.  Login credentials for each of the protected menu items are communicated to our PEC instructors via email.  There are different levels of access.  For example, instructors who are only authorized to teach PEC Basic Orientation cannot access the PEC Core Compliance materials download area.  The levels you are certified to teach determine the levels of access you are granted.

Microsoft Office Version ─ All PEC training materials found in this area are created using the the Microsoft Office 2010 suite and are saved in the Office 2007/2010 file formats (docx, xlsx, pptx, etc.) or in the Adobe PDF format.  The new Office 2007/2010 file formats provide greatly reduced file sizes and enhanced graphical capabilities.  You can use most earlier versions of the Microsoft Office suite to open, edit, and save our files if you first install the Microsft Office Compatibility Pack described below.

Free Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack ─ If you are using an earlier Microsoft Office suite (2000, XP, 2003, or 2007), then you will need to use the button below to download and install the FREE Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.  This will allow you to open, edit, and save Office 2010 file formats with earlier versions of the Microsoft Office suite.

Click here to go to the Microsoft page where you can download the Office Compatibility Pack. This updated allows you to open, edit, and save 2007 documents with earlier versions of Office.

Get Adobe Reader Get Adobe Reader ─ Some of the documents in the Instructor Downloads area are in the industry standard Adobe PDF format.  Additionally, some of the PDF documents may require newer versions of the Adobe Reader.  You can download and install the latest Adobe Reader free clicking here.

Become a Trainer ─ If you are interested in becoming a PEC instructor, you may visit our Train-the-Trainer Courses page and/or you may contact our Training Department by calling 1-800-892-8179 or by emailing us at training@pecpremier.com.